Sage Bundle

Sage Bundle

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Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is a versatile sacred herb. It can be used for spiritual cleansing, protection, healing, and consecration, and it can aid dream work, trance, and intuitive development. Associated with the Full Moon and with the Summer Solstice since ancient times, Mugwort also is suitable for rituals year round. It can be used as a ritual tool in many ways.


Seven chakra sage stick invites compassion, heart healing and divine love. Great for cleansing and clearing the chakras! Excellent for protection, purification, and cleansing. Excellent for cleaning and protecting a new home, car, or sacred space/altar. Use to cleanse your existing house or car every time you feel there is negative energy present. Creates a connection to sacred and positive energies. Also kills 94% of microbes and mold.


Made up of pine and mountain sage; Pine sage create a powerfully protective smudge that can be used for healing, protection, fertility, cleaning, long life and prosperity. The Mountain Sage is used to promote new beginnings, strength, and space clearing. Mountain Sage (Artemisisa Tridentata) grows at high altitudes and in arid desert climates. It collects the energy surrounding it and releases it when burned.

  • Bundle Specifics

    BUNDLE INCLUDES: (Chakra, Mugwort,  Prosperity Sage)