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Guinea Hen Weed also known as anamu has amazing pain relieving, health promoting, body relaxing, and disease fighting properties.
Anti- microbial Anti- bacterial Anti- fungal Anti- virus Anti- inflammatory Anti- cancer
*Boost immune system Lowers blood sugar - help diabetics Helps with digestive disorders Acts as a pain reliever Reduces feeling of nausea Prevent Degeneration Fights infection & common viruses
*This plant has been known to help with the -brain -bladder -breast -fibrous -skin -small cell lung cancer -Prostate cancer

* Guinea Hen Weed lowers body acidity that causes inflammation and does it so well that it shows similar properties to a popular arthritis medication. It will relax your body and calm your nerves. Like many herbs, Guinea Hen Weed has sedative effects. It has been used to relax the body, calm nerves, ease the digestive system and relieve stress and anxiety. When internal systems strike a balance, they can better regulate blood pressure, blood sugar levels and maintain emotional balance. Due to its anti-microbial and calming properties, Guinea Hen Weed can help reduce fevers. Tea in general is known to have a peaceful effect as the warmth of the beverage and act of slowly sipping can soothe the body into a tranquil rhythm. When the act of drinking tea and the contents of the tea itself work together, the overall benefits are a calmer, more even-keeled body. If you’re going to drink tea, it may as well be disease-fighting tea. Many teas have vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Guinea Hen Weed Tea does too. But not many have the unique blend of phytochemicals and sulfuric compounds that Guinea Hen Weed boasts. These have proven to be so powerful that they can kill off and prevent the growth of cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

WARNING: Guinea Hen Weed should not be taken if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat or prevent any disease.