3 Piece Set

3 Piece Set

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3 Piece Set White Sage The ritual of sage burning has its roots in Native American tradition. Today, people burn sage and other holy herbs to cleanse a space or environment of negative energy, to generate wisdom and clarity, and to promote healing.

White sage is antimicrobial and has been shown to repel insects. Beliefs that burning sage clears out spiritual impurities, pathogens, and even insects have been fundamental to the practice of smudging.

Selenite Stick Selenite wands or sticks are used for energy space clearing, meditation, energy healing or clearing bad energies or anxiety.

Palo SantoPalo Santo is most widely used for spiritual purification and energy (house) cleansings. Once the wood sticks are burned, the smoke is believed to clear negative energy and restore tranquility and calm emotions.

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     SET INCLUDES:  (Sage, Selenite, & Palo Santo)